Award submissions are about telling a story. To be a contender for any award, a submission needs to both answer the judging criteria and be compelling.

Writing an effective award submission

Putting yourself in the shoes of the judges is always a good idea. They likely have hundreds of documents to read – many of which are fairly ordinary – so if yours stands out from the rest because it’s easy to follow, answers all the criteria and is a good read – you’re half way there. Images and a nice layout are also key and will set you apart. It will look like you’ve made an effort and that sends quite an important message to someone who is giving up their time to review entries.

Our process:

  1. Review awards process and criteria, develop set of questions and interview list
  2. Interview stakeholders re project/person for background and undertake additional online research, obtain any supporting documentation and images
  3. Draft submission to answer criteria and provide to stakeholders with gaps highlighted
  4. Further discussion/interviews to close gaps as required
  5. Fine tune document, add images and supporting information and lay up or upload for final submission

    Commercial Project Awards

    Hi Sandy,

    Friday night was the Commercial Project Awards and I want to thank you again for your huge contribution that saw us go on to great success.

    25 Queen Street won Silver in both categories, which is an excellent with over 825 points awarded.

    Better still, Rothesay Bay received a Gold which is over 900 points and then went on to be the Category Winner so real excitement there.

    ​Many thanks again for your valuable support.

    ​Carol West

    Russell Group of Companies