Cutting through politics, noise and complexity to deliver a project that achieves its aim (in timeframe and budget) has never been more important.

Chances are you have an inkling about what you need to do or address in your organisation – but you’re either not sure or don’t have the time to work out how or where to start. The inkling could be based on anecdotal feedback from employees or customers, it could be a recurring issue which – it turns out – is costing you, it could be a key event that’s coming up or an opportunity you really need to take advantage of.

We have a tried and true process to help you get clear on what you need to do and why, obtain the appropriate buy-in to do it, design it, make it happen and set up a process to ensure it’s ongoing effectiveness.

We are happy to be involved in one, some or all stages from brief development (yes, we will do it for you) to delivery.

We offer:

  • Competitor, audience and industry research
  • Analysis of existing data, reports and research
  • Workshopping and translation of your thoughts into a concise overview (words and/or pictures)
  • Stakeholder alignment – workshopping, communications and planning
  • High level design and approach articulation for sponsor/stakeholders
  • Project management

Examples of projects undertaken include:

  • Development of an employment brand and collateral for a large fresh food producer
  • Digital strategy and development of a range of online tools for a multi-brand building products company
  • Awards/recognition program design and development for a large building industry company
  • Employee self service platform design and development for a large dairy company
  • Full communications strategy, design, development and rollout for a range of scenarios including major acquisitions

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